Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog.
I am a mom that has lived with, and cared for, my beautiful autistic son for 18 years now.
I, like many other parents, started out with no knowledge about autism and what to expect from life with my little boy. I have subsequently made it my mission to find out as much as I can about it, in the diagnosis and coping with autism.

This blog aims to equip new parents with the knowledge they need to help make life less daunting and overwhelming. It aims to give parents, already somewhat knowledgeable, more information on different points and view and methods in caring for their autistic children. It also aims to increase the awareness of autism, therefore decreasing ignorance and poor treatment of these blessed children. This, in my humble opinion, will then eventually lead to a more educated society and hopefully, will allow these children a more fulfilled life living amongst society.

To read posts of differing natures, click on the ‘Menu & Widgets’ button – found on the top right. Here you will find the different categories of blogs. I will continuously ask family members, friends and acquaintances about their long term or fleeting experiences with people with Autism; these blogs are posted in the ‘Experiences’ category.

In addition, I will research and attempt to keep my readers up to date on any research findings or new information on autism through this medium, posting scientific reports and news articles where applicable. This is found in the ‘Must read information’ category.

Lastly, the ‘Small miracles’ category is my favourite, and is where I will post uplifting stories full of hope and success. From stories of children beating autism, to those of small day to day victories – like learning new skills and discovering ones talent.

Your comments are always welcomed as the more we say, the more we do, the more we do justice for these little angels.
Spread the word and share your experiences.

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